Multi Mobile Media (M3) is a full service mobile digital advertising and marketing agency. Our mobile solutions have developed from over 20 years of knowledge and experience in the advertising industry and, more specifically, a decade of mobile technology development. It is this experience and our patented technology that enables us to target and connect with today’s ever changing consumer audience.

M3 uses exclusive, patented technology that enables businesses to target specific audiences through multiple mobile mediums. Unlike traditional advertising companies, M3’s patented system provides you with the measurable and quantifiable results of your campaign. With M3, you’ll know exactly how well your mobile advertising investment is performing.

With M3 technology, we provide absolute, real-time performance results of your campaign to ensure you receive the true return on your investment.

Whether the success of an advertising strategy requires a custom designed Mobile Application, SMS/Text, Email campaign, Mobile Coupons or QR Codes, we can help.

Much of advertising today is just noise to consumers. Rise above the noise and distinguish your business from that of your competitors. Let’s have a conversation about how M3 can turn the power on for your business today!

Our Story

M3 is a collaborative effort conceived by Frank Gussoni, the president, but only brought to reality by many others who have worked very hard on it for years.

More than a decade ago, Frank had a glimpse into the future and to where technology and advertising were headed. He realized the incredible opportunity that mobile devices presented for the advertising industry.  So, Frank and his team spent thousands of hours studying the digital universe and speaking with the leaders in the mobile device industry to educate themselves about the value that advertising on the devices could have for businesses.  Then set out to create the software with metrics to prove the success and accountability of a M3 Mobile Advertising Campaign to the business world.

After years of research, applications to the U.S. Patent Office, trial and error and guidance by some of the best “Techies” in the business, Multi Mobile Media (M3) was born.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to remaining technologically current, through reinvestments in new product implementations and practices, while remaining obsessively focused on client service.  We will deliver campaigns that focus on ROI while remaining personal and will service-oriented.  We will always monitor our business partnerships and their investments as if they were our own, with honesty, integrity, and dedication.

That’s not just our Mission, It’s our Promise!

Environmental Strategy

As a company, we recognize we all must do our part to help reduce waste, recycle, and reuse materials. We continually work to stay conscious of our environmental impact when we perform our roles within the M3 offices.