Although the use of QR codes has subsided a bit in recent years, they still remain a viable option for mobile advertising strategies because they provide immediate access to a brand’s advertising message or offer with little consumer effort. Beyond customer convenience, the importance of this capability is that it increases the chances that contact with the advertisements will convert to a sale, by attracting interested prospects at the point of sale, with no delay or effort, bringing the viewer to the advertiser’s message or offer immediately.

QR codes provide a convenient one-step process for consumers. Once a code is scanned the encoded information can be used to automatically trigger a range of actions on the user’s device, including:

QR codes are most effective when integrated into a marketing campaign and are utilized most by consumers when they are appealing, engaging and unique. These codes are easy to produce, cost effective and versatile. Their versatility enables them to blend seamlessly into a wide range of marketing materials and the consumer actions triggered by these codes are traceable with M3’s analytics.  If your organization is looking for new ways to engage target audiences, M3 can help you utilize QR codes to offer a unique opportunity to consumers, while differentiating your organization in the process.

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