If you own a smart phone, you already know the huge role that Mobile Applications or “Apps” play in connecting you to news, entertainment, maps, weather and even your favorite restaurants and retail locations. With the widespread use of smartphones, app usage has provided mobile marketers with a great opportunity for targeted advertising directly to consumers.

With M3’s patented technology, we create custom mobile applications and sites for your business to reach targeted consumers at a fraction of the time and cost you might expect. Imagine the benefits of delivering audio/video messages, coupons or information about special events directly to the smartphones of your audience.  A consumer’s engagement and interaction with your custom app is also completely traceable so that you can see exactly what offers and information resonates most with your customers.

In addition to developing the app, M3 will help you create an engaging story that lets the user explore and discover your businesses message for themselves. No need to have customers visit an online store to get your mobile app. We can send links directly to their smart phone or mobile devices via, SMS/TEXT, Email, or even from your Social media pages.

Call us today to find out how we can provide this game changing technology for your business.