Digital advertising is fast becoming a necessity for most businesses. However, it’s also a place where vast amounts of money can be wasted and ineffective if the expertise in navigating the landscape, defining the audience and knowing the product are non-existent prior to the campaign.

Many advertising agencies grossly misunderstand digital advertising and take the quick and easy route by using bulk third party digital ad placement companies.  This approach results in static, banner and an array of digital ads which are placed in large numbers with no guarantee of proper geographical or audience targeting with no true accountability and guarantees certain failure for their client. They create a lot of noise but this noise isn’t music to your ears!

Mobile can present even bigger challenges due to the various ways it can geo target, select demographic audiences and the content possibilities. M3 has been deeply involved in the digital and mobile world for more than a decade. We understood early on, the magnitude and impact that this forum was going to impose on future advertising strategies and we became students as soon as the industry began teaching.

The number of ways customers can connect with and gather information about products and services has dramatically increased. M3 is experienced in developing successful strategies, including geo-targeting, to help navigate your brand’s message beyond the digital tsunami, to reach the right consumers.  It’s a very basic but complicated equation. Content + Devices = Success!

So, when you think digital advertising, think M3 and let us help raise your company above all the digital noise!