Text messaging continues to be one of the fastest growing direct communication mediums available today. With a read rate of over 96% within 7 minutes of delivery, you can be sure that your time critical messages are being viewed almost instantly.

Text campaigns have high engagement rates because they are targeted to an already highly engaged audience.

  • Coupons received via text are more likely to be redeemed and shared than mailed coupons.
  • Of those that have signed up for loyalty programs, over 90 % feel they have gained value from them.
  • Over 80 % of consumers in the mobile market today still haven’t received text marketing messages from their favorite brands.

M3 can create text messaging as a great standalone marketing medium or to support and integrate with other channels like custom Mobile Apps, Social Media, and Email. Text campaigns are one of the best tools for reaching consumers with time critical information and also a great option for receiving customer feedback via surveys.